Meet Our Civic Center Conservancy Interns: Dominic Laurita and Abigale Yilma

At Civic Center Conservancy, our interns play a vital role in supporting our mission to keep the park vibrant and welcoming for everyone. This summer, we’re thrilled to have two passionate and dedicated interns, Dominic Laurita and Abigale Yilma, joining our team. They bring unique perspectives and a shared commitment to community and inclusivity. We sat down with Dominic and Abigale to learn more about their backgrounds, what drew them to the Conservancy, and what they are most excited about this summer.

Q: Tell us about yourselves.

Dominic Laurita (Development Intern): I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and have been here all of my life. I am in my final year at Colorado Mesa University, majoring in Business Communications with a focus in Land and Energy Management.

Abigale Yilma (Activations Intern): My name is Abigale Yilma, and I am currently going into my final year at the University of Colorado Denver as a Human Development & Family Relations major with a minor in Educational Studies.

Q: What attracted you to Civic Center Conservancy?

Dominic Laurita: What attracted me the most to the Civic Center Conservancy was mostly the people, alongside working at developing better knowledge on how to work alongside people that have a similar goal in an office environment.

Abigale Yilma: What attracted me to the Civic Center Conservancy is its mission to keep the park active and thriving for everyone. Through my leadership roles in the Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association and African Student Union, I deeply value the importance of inclusivity and diversity. The Conservancy’s commitment to creating a vibrant and welcoming space for all resonated with me, and I wanted to contribute to that mission.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in Civic Center this summer?

Dominic Laurita: The biggest thing that I am most excited about is to have a better experience on how to manage a piece of land such as Civic Center Conservancy.

Abigale Yilma: What I’m most looking forward to at the Civic Center is continuing to work with diverse groups of individuals and building connections throughout the community. Additionally, I look forward to seeing the implementation of the event planning process. From the initial behind-the-scenes work to witnessing the event’s success at the end, the transformation from an idea to a thriving event will be incredibly rewarding.

We are excited to see the impact that Dominic and Abigale will have on Civic Center Park and look forward to the fresh ideas and energy they bring to our team. Stay tuned for more updates on their projects and contributions throughout the summer!

Abigale (L) Dominic (R)
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