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Civic Center Conservancy is dedicated to keeping Civic Center Park active and thriving for all. As an independent nonprofit, the Conservancy engages individuals, businesses and community groups as champions for this essential public space. The Conservancy attracts people to the park, supports the park’s upkeep and ensures it meets the needs of anyone who gathers there for today and for the future.

Your support and engagement helps elevate Civic Center Conservancy’s ability to introduce new community programming, provide economic incentives and staffing support to partner organizations, increase underrepresented communities’ participation and remove barriers to enjoying the heart of Denver.

Learn more about different ways to support the Conservancy and how your gift may provide tax savings.

Ways to Engage

Trio of women at City Beautiful Circle event at Civic Center Park

City Beautiful Circle

City Beautiful Circle, named for the City Beautiful Movement, is a dedicated group of individuals invested in keeping Civic Center Park active and thriving for all.

Group of volunteers holding vegetables picked from Civic Center gardens

Corporate Involvement

Whether it be through employee engagement opportunities, volunteer days, event sponsorships, or joining us as a Next 100 Partner, there are plenty of ways businesses can support the Park.

2 volunteers with a rake cleaning up the park


Help keep Civic Center Park clean and beautiful through its volunteer program, Civic Center SPARKLES.

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