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For the Park, for the People, for the Future.

Civic Center Conservancy is dedicated to keeping Denver’s Civic Center Park active and thriving for all. As an independent nonprofit, the Conservancy engages individuals, businesses and community groups as champions for this essential public space.

Past Annual Reports: 2021 

Staff and Board

Civic Center Conservancy

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For the Park

The Conservancy supports the Park’s upkeep by raising funds to restore its historical structures, enhance its natural spaces & advocate for investment in this essential public space. We do this in partnership with the City of Denver through a public-private partnership.

Crowd of happy people at live music event

For the People

The Conservancy serves as the Park’s community builder, activating the space and providing opportunities for engagement year-round. Events and programs like Civic Center EATS ensure those who visit the park connect with the spirit of the city and become part of its legacy. The Conservancy also engages small businesses, neighboring cultural institutions, arts organizations and other local groups in bringing diverse voices and audiences to the park.

Rendering of McNichols building update proposal

For the Future

Spaces like Civic Center Park require a caretaker who is connected to the people who use the park, who advocates for improvements and who transforms the space to meet the needs of anyone who gathers there today and long into the future.

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