Civic Center Voices: Jenna Harris

I’m the Downtown Program Manager at the @TheRealCityofDenver. I was recently promoted to this role from my previous role as the Downtown Parks Project Manager. Before that, I worked at a few private design firms in Denver as a landscape architect. I truly love working for the City of Denver in my role because there’s always so much happening downtown, and Civic Center is at the heart of it all!

I led the Civic Center Next 100 concept design and public engagement effort for Denver Parks & Recreation. We spent over a year speaking with the community and stakeholders about what they wanted to see as part of the next 100 years of Civic Center Park. It is also important to make sure we are representing historically marginalized voices in future phases of design.

I’m so excited about the upcoming changes to the Greek Theater, Central Promenade, Central Gathering Feature and the next phase of the recently closed Bannock Street. The first Phase of Implementation will include improvements to the Greek Theater and Central Promenade. As part of this project, we will be rehabilitating the existing Greek Theater structure and bowl and make it universally accessible for both performers and attendees for the first time in its over 100-year history. For the Central Promenade, we will be improving the paving and making first-phase improvements to better support event infrastructure.

I personally think Civic Center Park is the most important public space in Denver, and it will continue to be a place where we hold events, performances and public assembly opportunities and it’s a place where people can come on a daily basis. We want Civic Center to continue to be a clean and safe place that people can come for both big events and daily activities. It’s both a neighborhood park and a regional destination.

Jenna Harris is the Downtown Program Manager for City and County of Denver Government. She oversees planning, design and construction parks projects in Downtown Denver. #CivicCenterVOICES💬

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