Civic Center EATS for ALL

This food access program removes the cost barrier to participate in Civic Center EATS. In 2023, Civic Center Conservancy, in partnership with Barefoot PR, provided 1,000 meals to neighbors who needed them most.

Photo of people enjoying food under red umbrellas at Civic Center EATS

Share a meal with a fellow Denverite!

Together, we will take a step toward making one of our treasured programs, Civic Center EATS, welcoming for all.

Donate to the EATS Fund

Want to contribute to the EATS for ALL fund and pledge to uplift and acknowledge the Civic Center community?

  • Community members donate to remove the cost barrier at EATS for vulnerable Denverites.
  • The Conservancy provides meal vouchers to partner organizations to ensure they are used where needed most.
  • Voucher recipients visit EATS and enjoy a meal at any food truck.

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