Civic Center Voices: André Lucero

I’m the Downtown Crew Lead for Civic Center Park, and I was responsible for developing a program that provided staffing the park overnight. Over the past three years, park safety gradually started to improve, so we were able to end the program this past spring.

A park is not just for certain people, it’s for everybody. I walk through the park and needs to be worked on and then come up with a project and get it done. It’s always a team effort.

We’ve got an amazing crew. Everybody that works downtown in Civic Center has a lot of pride in their work and it really shows. Everybody has their little pieces of the park and they’re able to say,“ I did this, and I’m proud of it.” Civic Center Park will always be the heart of Denver. This park was one of the originally designed assets of the city and will continue to be a space to gather. The restoration of the Greek Theater is going to be a real centerpiece of the whole park. The park is not just for certain people, it’s for everybody. The park is a great conversation piece. It’s really a source of pride for me to be able to be the caretaker of this park. I often say that this is probably the most photographed park in the state. It means a lot to me to see that people are taking pictures of the park from all over the country and world. That’s how I know I’ve made my mark.

André Lucero is the Downtown Crew Lead for @DenverParksRec. He ensures park safety and keeps it a beautiful and welcoming space for all to enjoy. #CivicCenterVOICES 

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