Civic Center Voices: Linda Kiker

“These (gardens) have a natural place in our cities, and we can rethink some of these spaces to be both beautiful and bountiful. I realized that there is an intersection of a sustainable lifestyle and growing your own food. Fun fact! I never grew food before this.

In 10 years I see the park full of vegetable and flower gardens. More people will engage and have access to these gardens. I think that this park offers a huge opportunity to connect people, and for an invitation to visit. I’d love to see the expansion of edible plants and even a small orchard would fit right in! It’s incredibly important to maintain, nurture and continually grow this plot of land for others to enjoy down the road.”

One plant that people always ask me about in these gardens is kale! Kale has an amazing ability in the garden to withstand pests, to withstand weather, and to grow. It’s nutritious, bioavailable and it always provides. I think kale provides an opportunity for people to learn.

When you live in a city environment and to come into an open space, what a relief that is. What a relief it is that Denver Parks and Rec and Civic Center Conservancy are so behind us.

Everyone is working alongside each other and that makes me feel part of something you know? That’s the community I was looking for.”

Linda Kiker is the co-director of @growlocalcolorado and has been involved with the group since 2015. Linda leads volunteer efforts at Civic Center Park where hundreds of pounds of vegetables are grown each summer and donated to local pantries and shelters across Denver. She’s an integral part of Civic Center Park. #CivicCenterVoices

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