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Food Truck Drop-In Vendor Application

Civic Center EATS is brought to you by the Civic Center Conservancy. All proceeds from this event benefit the Civic Center Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the City and County of Denver restore, enhance, and activate Downtown Denver’s historic Civic Center Park. Entering its 18th year, Civic Center EATS attracts people and positive activity to Civic Center, engages the community in the park’s future, and generates revenues to support the Conservancy’s revitalization efforts.

While all eligible vendors may apply, physical space is limited and we intend to schedule between 10 and 12 vendors per day. Regularly scheduled food trucks have been selected and notified of their status. Applicants that were not selected as the primary food trucks have been added to our list of potential drop-in spots. This application is to be added to that list.

All vendors must pay a non-refundable $25 application fee at the end of this application to be considered for selection.

If you have questions when filling out your application, please contact

Civic Center EATS starts May 17!

Civic Center Park
101 14th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204

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Application Form

Business Information

(as on record with the City/State)
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Contact Information

Name of Primary Contact.(Required)
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Social and Publicity

Vending Schedule

What days would you normally be available?(Required)
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Tell us about your physical set-up. Are you a...(Required)
Please note that EATS does not currently accept tented vendors
(bumper to bumper in feet - please round up) If you have anything extending beyond your front or rear bumper (hitch, generator, stairs, etc) please measure from that point.
Where is your service window/entrance located?(Required)

Do you have a reliable generator to power your set-up that meets event and environmental requirements?(Required)
All vendors who need electricity are expected to provide their own electricity - likely through a generator.

Vendor Fees

Vendor Fees for the 2023 Season are as follows:

$25 per drop-in day

Fees for all Food Vendors
10% of Daily Sales, payable at the end of each shift.

Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 8 MB.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 8 MB.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 8 MB.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 8 MB.
The COI should list the Civic Center Conservancy, 1410 Grant St, Ste C108, Denver CO 80203 as the certificate holder. It must include the following language in the additional remarks - CCC, its officers, directors, employees and volunteers and the City and County of Denver, its elected and appointed officials, employees and volunteers as additional insureds. Your insurance provider should be able to provide this for you.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 3.
    What dietary restrictions can you help accommodate?

    Vendor applications will be reviewed based on the criteria on the welcome page of this application.

    The Civic Center Conservancy reserve the right to prohibit anyone from selling at EATS.

    Please review and accept the Civic Center EATS policies and procedures prior to completing the application process.

    Refund Policy: There are no refunds for missed shifts or days canceled due to weather or other reasons outside the control of the event organizer.

    EATS Attendance: If you cannot attend on any day to which you have committed, you must contact Event Coordinators by 10 a.m. the preceding day. No-call, no-show vendors may incur a charge of $100 per missed day. Late arrivals (after 10:30 am) will be subject to a charge of $50. If a vendor is charged, they must pay the fee prior to being allowed to participate in EATS. Please be considerate of your fellow vendors and event organizers – empty spaces hurt the flow and look of the event. Vendors who consistently miss shifts (even with advance notification) may at the discretion of the event organizers be removed from the event and/or not be invited back in future years. Consistent vendor presence is important to the event attendees and the event success.

    Zero Waste Program: Please note that due to changes in Denver's waste system, it is no longer required to have compostable utensils and serving vessels at Civic Center EATS.

    Event Day Arrival/Departure Procedures: Vendors must arrive and be ready to sell by 10:30 a.m. and remain open until the close of EATS at 2 p.m. Sales must end at 2 p.m. The Event Coordinator will check vendors in and assign space; staggered load-in times may be required. Please advise the Event Manager of any special parking requirements; no vehicles (except participating food trucks) will be allowed on the promenade after 10:30am and all non-vending vehicles must be off the promenade by 10:30 a.m. in order to allow EATS set up to be completed. Non-vending vehicles are not allowed back on the promenade before 2:30 p.m. or when Promenade is clear of most patrons. Event Manager will let vehicles know when it is safe to enter the promenade. Trucks will not be able to load out until patrons are done. Please be respectful of patrons finishing their lunch and do not expect to leave the site before 2:30pm.

    Event Day Fee Calculation and Collection: All Vendors will be required to submit their daily sales each day and make a payment before leaving the Promenade. If vendors leave without paying an additional 5% of the total sales for the date not paid will be added each day this is late. Your honesty is greatly appreciated and counted on for the continuation of a successful event. Reported sales performance is one of the criteria by which we evaluate vendor applications for next year.

    Event Weather Policy: EATS will open rain or shine; please prepare accordingly. If you have questions regarding day-of weather adjustments – please contact the Event Coordinator to confirm.

    Space Clean Up: Vendors must maintain their spaces in a clean and sanitary condition and remove all waste and trash before leaving EATS. Vendors must clean/sweep their area at the end of the day. Please have a separate container for any food trimmings. No grease, cooking oils or leftover food can be dumped in the event/park trash cans – carry these items out with you. On-site trash receptacles are for patron use only. Vendors MUST have a protective barrier or receptacle under working areas to catch any grease/oil spills. For any trash left onsite, a $100 fine will be applied to your next payment.

    Generators: Generators cannot be placed on the Park’s soft surfaces (grass, flower beds). Please advise us if your generator operates at a volume that is audible to the public so we may assign your space accordingly. Generators should not operate at a sound level above 55 decibels. We cannot provide electricity for vendors who have generators that are non-compliant or not operable.

    Glass Containers: Per Denver Parks and Recreation glass containers are not allowed. Please sell beverages in cans or cups. If you sell a glass-bottled item (likely soda or another beverage), you must pour into a plastic cup before serving it to the customer at Civic Center EATS.

    Sponsors: Sponsors of the Civic Center Conservancy help to underwrite the cost of the production and marketing of Civic Center EATS, and we are contractually obligated to honor our sponsor agreements. If a vendor plans to participate in any marketing, promotion and/or other activity with a sponsor or corporate/nonprofit partner, you must get approval in writing from Conservancy staff at least 14 days prior to the activity in order for us to ensure the activity is not in conflict with one of our existing sponsor agreements, and the vendor or sponsor may be required to pay an additional fee depending on the activity. Sponsor activation may include, but is not limited to: truck wraps, signage, food giveaways, and other marketing activities.

    Music: Music will be played or local musicians may be hired to perform at EATS. We ask that if you play music inside your truck that you not compete with the weekly musicians or the other trucks. If your music is audible to the public during event hours (11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) you will be asked to shut it off.

    Social Media: Vendors are expected to use the social media channels under their control to promote their presence at the event and the event as a whole at least once per week. Vendor acknowledges and understands that Civic Center EATS is providing space and general publicity only about the event, and makes no promises or representations concerning expected sales or profits.

    All vendors must observe the rules and regulations of Civic Center EATS listed above. The person completing this application is responsible for ensuring all staff understand these rules and procedures.

    All food vendors must meet City and County of Denver health regulations and fire safety codes.

    All vendors applying to Civic Center EATS must pay a non-refundable application fee. Note a 3% processing fee is included in the total
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